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Thyssen welding rod

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Contact :Sally (Sales , Ms.)
Tel Phone :86-28-65826134
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Fax :86-28-86129221
Country/Region :SiChuan - China (Mainland)
Address :469 Xingsheng Road, Gaoxin District
Zip/Postal code :610041
Website :http://welding123.global-trade-center

Thyssen welding rod

Product Detailed Description

The famous brands of welding machines we can provide are as follows:

miller welding machines

lincoln welding machines

fronius welding machine 

telwin welding machine 

rilon welding machine 

panasonic welding machine

hitachi welding machine

nelson stud welding machine

saf welding machine

esab welding machine

thermadyne welding machine

kennedy welding machine

osaka welding machine

soyer welding machine

rehm welding machine

migatronic welding machine

Kohler welding machine

delixi welding machine

Keyang welding machine

HONDA welding machine

OTC welding machine

Siemens welding machine

SanRex welding machine

BRANDENBURG welding machine

KIPOR welding machine

TORHE welding machine

And the famous brands of welding wire we can provide are as follows:

alcotec welding wire

kiswel welding wire

avesta welding wire

lincoln weld wire

oxford welding wire

kobelco welding wire

mckay welding wire

harris welding wire 

bohler welding wire

Thyssen welding wire

ATLANTIC welding wire

TECHALLOY welding wire

Alpha welding wire

SUN KWANG welding wire


Quada welding wire

MRA welding wire

Trader welding wire

ISHIKAWA welding wire

HAYNES welding wire

Also the famous brands of welding rods we can provide are as follows:

lincoln welding rods

mckay welding rods

sandvik welding rod 

utp welding rod

harris welding rod

avesta welding rod 

MAGNA welding rod 

TECHALLOY welding rod 

Kobelco welding rod 

Metrode welding rod

Avesta welding rod

BOHLER welding rod

Thyssen welding rod

harris welding rod

UTP welding rod

TOKAI YOGYO welding rod

SMIC welding rod

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Company Detailed

A&S WELD MACHINES CO., LTD is a global supplier of welding machines, welding rods, welding wires, welding helmets and welding tools. We are dedicated to supplying customers with high-quality welding equipments and consumables. With the long term development, we keep improving our supply channels to offer the better welding solutions.

The international brands in welding industry we can provide include: Miller, Lincoln, Hitachi, Fronius, Telwin, Rilon, Panasonic, Nelson, SAF, Esab, Thermadyne, Kennedy, Osaka, Soyer, Rehm, Migatronic, Alcotec, Kiswel, Avesta, Oxford, Kobelco, Mckay, Bohler, Harris, Sandvik, UTP, etc.

Our advantage:
1. We are able to provide original products of world leading brands in welding field, such as welding machines, welding rods, welding wires and so on.
2. We are able to provide OEM service. The engineer can provide solutions based on the customers' requirements. You can find any suitable goods for various applications.

Contact Us
A&S Weld Machines Co., Ltd.
Email: welding@attachment8.com
Tel: +86-28-65826134
Fax: +86-28-86129221
Add: 469 Xinsheng Road, Gaoxin District, Chengdu, China

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