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99% Trenbolone Acetate Enhancers Steroids CAS 10161-34-9 Male Sex Hormone

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Wuhan Carnoss Technology Co.,LTD
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Contact :Matt Liu (marketing manager , Mr.)
Tel Phone :86-027-83223926
Mobile :+8618064039730
Fax :86-027-83496462
Country/Region :HuBei - China (Mainland)
Address :Linkonggang Economic-Technical Development Zone, Dongxihu Di
Zip/Postal code :433000
Website :http://WuhanCarnoss.global-trade-cent

99% Trenbolone Acetate Enhancers Steroids CAS 10161-34-9 Male Sex Hormone

Product Detailed Description

Quick Details:

Product name:Trenbolone Acetate

Alias:Trienbolone acetate;Revalor-H;Finaplix;17-beta-acetoxy-delta-4,9,11-estratrien-3-one;Tren A,Finajet

CAS No:10161-34-9


Appearance:Yellow crystal powder

Einecs No:233-432-5




HS Code:292-4390000

Packaging Details:1 kg/ bag,5 kg/ bag,1 kg Sterile Aluminum Foil Bag or according to your requirements. 


Suitable for:Adult,Bodybuilding,Muscle Mass,Weight Loss

Delivery Time:Parcel can be sent out within 24hours after your payment,2-4 days to arrive.

Payment Terms: MoneyGram,Western Union

Minimum Order Quantity:10 g

Production Capacity:6500 kg/ month



Sample Policy:If order is confirmed we will reimburse the sample cost.

Storage:Shading,confined preservation


Usage:Trenbolone Acetate can be used as pharmaceutical material. Its main function is to promote metabolism. Anabolic effects include growth of muscle mass and strength,increased bone density and strength,and stimulation of linear growth and bone maturation

Product Description:

1. Trenbolone Acetate is an extremely powerful anabolic steroid and is considered the single greatest anabolic steroid by many performance enhancing athletes,it is much easier to maintain peaked and stable blood levels with this version.By carrying the Acetate ester,this gives Trenbolone an active half-life of approximately two days.

2. Trenbolone,whether as the acetate (Finaplix,Finajet),enanthate,or cyclohexylmethylcarbonate (Parabolan),should not be used as the sole anabolic in a steroid cycle. Mass gains are greatly limited when this is done. Instead,trenbolone should be stacked with Dianabol,Anadrol,or testosterone as the most common and highly suitable choices.


For bulking up,there may be no better steroid than Trenbolone Acetate also called Finaplix. Its anabolic effect is five times that of testosterone and it doesn’t convert to estrogen,which makes it free from side effects like gynocomastia,water-retention. Finaplix is not without its fair share of side effects,however. Testicular atrophy,hair loss,enlarged prostate and acne have been reported from using this drug. Finaplix will also shut down the body’s natural testosterone production,which can lead to sexual dysfunction. Finaplix has a short-lived ester which means that it must be inject almost daily to maintain steady results. The good news for this is that the drug can be immediately stopped and the body can heal if adverse side effects appear.

Five advantages of making finished steroids by yourself:

1. The cost is only 40-60% of the normal cost

2. They take only a short time to prepare

3. They are easier and cheaper to ship than AMPS or vials

4. Less chance of your order getbagg seized by customs

5. Unlike vials and AMPS,they come with a refund/reship policy

More details pls contact:Whatapp:+8618064039730,E-mail/Skype:Frank@carnosschem.com

Company Detailed

Wuhan Carnoss Technology Co.,LTD is one of the innovative and high-tech enterprise engaged in research,development,production and marketing in Chian.It is professional manufacturer of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and intermediates that insist to take high quality,high profession and high acitivity to customers.At present,our company mainly specialize in manufacturing top quality anabolic steroid hormone raw powders.
    Wuhan Carnoss Technology Co.,LTD located in the beautiful Wuhan city in Hubei province,a traffic hinge of China which is very convenient for transportation.The headquarters and development center lie in Wanan technology industrial base of Wuhan city.The manufactory is located in Wuhan Zoumaling industrial park.
    It possesses of a laboratorial building for new medicine development,perfect experimental instruments and a group of experienced senior technical engineers and talented administrant.We owns 6 synthetic labs,1 kilo lab and 1 analytical lab.We have reactors from 50L to 5000L,low temperature vessels (-80 Celsius) and high pressure and temperature vessels (12 MPa,250 Celsius).Carnoss compounds can be scaled up to tons in our manufacturing base with some other equipments,such as rectification column,muti-function workshop,clean workshop and so on.
    Carnoss serves customers in many countries.In recent years,Carnoss goods are exported well into U.S.,Canada,Brazil,UK,Germany,Greece,Italy,Australia and many other areas.Carnoss wins the trust of customers and sets up long term and stable relationships with them.
    Our corporation adhere to the "quality first,people-oriented" management principles,advance with times,Pioneering for progress entrepreneurial spirit,to establish credibility PURUI image.We are looking forward to your visit for business negotiation,go ahead hand to hand and develop multi-item cooperation.

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