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BS cryogenic grinding mill machine

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BS cryogenic grinding mill machine

Product Detailed Description

BS cryogenic grinding mill machine

Grinding Machine


Cryogenic grinder machine uses liquid nitrogen as cooling medium, can grind heat-sensitive material into fine powder, like fruit, vegetable, herb, medicine, plastic and rubber...etc.

And it preserves the nutrition of products very well in cryogenic enviroment.

Structure composition

1. Cryogenic grinder adopts pre cooling bin to pre cool the material. Pre-cooling silo installs precision liquid gas gasification and forces materials to be cooled in the process of liquid gas gasification.

2. Using a screw feeder to achieve uniform cooled brittle material into the crusher cavity.

3. Discharge traction system: Using air traction to discharge the material which is crushed by the hostthrough the pipeline.

4. Using the tilt angle discharge system out of the material,The oblique spiral discharge system ensures that the air of the cyclone does not flow out of the discharge port.

5. The gas mixture from the top of the cyclone separator flows back into the second cyclone separation, the final separation will have a certain role in the cold air flow through the pipeline to the main crusher feed inlet.

6. Electrical control: Using full conversion power supply, control the regional motor speed, to achieve a wide range of feed speed adjustment; Main line speed adjustment(Crushing different materials to achieve different particle states requires different first speeds); Adjust the air traction power; Discharge speed adjustment and other effects.

7. Automatic control system: Customers can use the PLC to control the system balance as needed.To achieve external control of the host pressure relief and boost function, adjust the liquid nitrogen flow according to the setting temperature. According to the regional current input speed adjustment, while the frequency of each district.



Working method:

This machine can use microcomputer control unit for volume and the amount of nitrogen. 


Microcomputer is to set automatic level control system as to customer's requirement, operators just need to set the expected value of fineness, then the intelligent control system will automatically adjust the temperature, the refrigerant valve size, the discharge rate,etc based on the argument point by the host current,chamber pressure machine and pipe flow.

1. Optimal retention of aroma and strength, in contrast to normal grinding, where approx.15-43% essential oils are lost, while the loss with cryogenic grinding is minimal(approx.3-10%).

2. High grinding fineness,low energy consumption, output is 2-3 times than that of normal pulverizeing.

3. According to the temperature of material embrittlement point, adjust the best crushing temperature.

4. Material explosion-proof, anti-oxidation,etc.

5. Trouble-free stable. processing.


The machine passes through a high performance liquid gas gasification unit. In the process of gasification, the refrigerant and the material produce heat exchange. And the remaining cool air is collected by means of reflux,. Each part of the use of pipeline valves to adjust the return air conditioning on the crushing chamber air compensation, material precooling, closed delivery, closed grading, discharge material backflow, refrigerant usage, power source mechanism, crushing the transport process has reached the best results insulation.

In energy consumption reached the international leading level

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Company Detailed

Jiangyin BrightSail Machinery Manufacturing Co.Ltd belongs to Jiangyin Heng Sheng Steel Structure Co.Ltd whose products are supplied to the Manitowoc Crane Equipment Co.Ltd of USA,Potain of France,Zoomlion,and other large well-known enterprises.
The predecessor of Jiangyin BrightSail Machinery Manufacturing Co.Ltd was founded in 2002.At the beginning of the establishment,we manufactured large mill machinery mainly,and crushing,mixing,conveying equipment were also involved.C-Suite reformed boldly from 2015,determining the development direction of enterprise is focus on the research of powder equipment with the idea of only single-minded in order to professional.After ten years' development and accumulation,our company has been one of the most influential powder equipment manufacturers in the industry.
Our market positioning is simple and clear and we strive to do specialize in fine.Our products can be applied in food,medicine,chemical,pesticides,dyes and other industries and have won a good reputation.

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