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NAZT Transformer DC Resistance Tester

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NAZT Transformer DC Resistance Tester

Product Detailed Description

NAZT Transformer DC Resistance Tester

Product introduction

Transformer DC Resistance Tester also named Low Resistance Ohmmeter, It is a necessary testing project for transformer transition, overhauling and changing tap switch, it is also an important detecting project after fault. Transformer DC Resistance Tester is a quick test equipment for testing transformers, generators, motors, lines and other DC resistance.

Transformer DC Resistance Tester is integrated high-precision power supply and DC resistance test in a whole as a new instrument, which not only maintain the original advantage but also greatly reduces the size and weight of the instrument and expands the measurement range. The instrument adopts the high-performance single-chip microcomputer control, simple operation, easy to carry, fast testing speed, high precision, good retest, strong anti-interference capability, automatically complete the judgment of steady flow, data acquisition and processing and display resistance, can accurately complete the measurement of transformer dc resistance, This instrument is the best testing equipment for power plant, power supply enterprises, medium and large-sized power transformer manufacturing industries and enterprises.

According to different level of current, Nanao Electric Wuhan Co., LTD has developed six types of Transformer DC Resistance Tester, they are NAZT-5A, NAZT-10A, NAZT-20A, NAZT-40A, NAZT-50A, NAZT -100A, etc.

Also called name

DC Resistance Rapid Tester, Transformer DC Resistance Tester, Transformer DC Resistance Rapid Tester, Transformer Winding DC Resistance Tester, Inductive Load DC Resistance Rapid Tester, Inductive Load DC Resistance Tester, Sensual loaded DC resistance tester.

The Characteristics of the products

1. Large output current, wide measuring range, small size, light weight, simple operation;

2. Fast test speed, high measurement accuracy, good retest capacity, strong anti-interference capability;

3. With perfect function of protection circuit and discharge alarm, reduce the wrong operation, good reliability;

4. Adopting high speed micro-controller to automatically complete the judgment of steady flow, data acquisition and processing and display resistance;

5. Using 192 * 64 large-screen LCD display, outdoor display is clearly visible;

6. Built-in high-capacity a non-volatile memory, can store 500 sets of measurement data;

7. Built-in high-precision real-time clock function, date and time can be calibrated.

8. With high speed micro thermal printer: can print measurement and historical data.


Attention should take for your safety, please read the following:

After measured the inductive loaded, the testing line can not be removed directly, avoid the inductor discharge that may endanger the testers and equipment safety. The output of DC resistance quick tester set a discharge circuit. Once turn off the output, the inductor will discharge energy through the instrument. Be sure to remove the testing line after the discharge instructions is finished.

For no-load tap changer, is not allowed to switch the tap during the measuring process.

If power is off suddenly during the measuring process., the DC resistance quick tester will automatically start to discharge, do not remove wiring immediately, need to wait for least 30 seconds ,

In the process of measuring, other untested windings should not grounded short circuit, otherwise it will cause the transformer magnetizing process slowed down, the data stabilized longer.

Please checking the power supply voltage before starting: AC 220V ± 10% 50Hz.

Make sure the device is power off before testing, and disconnected with other energized equipment.

The casing must be grounded firmly.

Not allow irrelevant items stacked on and around the device panel.

When replace the fuse and accessories, please use this instrument with the same model.

The DC resistance tester quick test pay attention to the moisture and grease.


NAZTS Three-channel Transformer DC Resistance Tester 

Product Photo

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Company Detailed

Manufacture equipment include:
-- SF6 circuit breaker and GIS; 
-- Oil-Immersed (No Pd) Test Transformer
-- Automatic Insulating Oil Dielectric Tester
-- Partical Discharge/High Voltage Withstand Device
-- 5kA-500kA Impulse Current Generator
-- 10-7200kV Impulse Voltage Generator;
-- Microcomputer Relay Protection Tester;
-- CT, PT, CVT;
-- Voltage Divider/High Voltage Measuring Device/Six Phases Tester;
-- Measurement Product/Secondary Circuit Tester;
-- Cable/Circuit/Lightning Arrester Test Device;
-- Earthing/Insulation/SF6 Gas Detection;
-- Transformer Inspection/Switch Testing Device;
For now, we have finish several big abroad bidding of turn-key project on above field.

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