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haixing wedge wire resin trap

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Haixing Filter Screen Co.,Ltd
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Online Talk : QQ:775819357 Online Talk
Contact :Merry Zhang (sales manager , Miss)
Tel Phone :86-0318-7086210
Mobile :8613582482663
Fax :86-0318-7086210
Country/Region :HeBei - China (Mainland)
Address :No.2589West Shengli Road,Hengshui,Hebei,China
Zip/Postal code :053000
Website :http://haixing03.global-trade-center.

haixing wedge wire resin trap

Product Detailed Description

resin trap incorporates a screen element which is easily removed for servicing or cleanout after a vessel upset; the access flange can be standard ANSI bolt-up or Victaulic  type, as preferred.

Screen slot openings are typically 0.25mm (0.010") using #60 wedge wire, providing over 14 percent free screen area. For heavier applications, (i.e. extreme line pressure) #69 wedge wire can be used, which will provide 12.5 percent open area with 0.25mm slot openings.

Typical materials of construction would be type 304 or 316 stainless steel for the screen element and the housing, or for severe conditions, we suggest that a high nickel alloy such as C-276 be considered throughout. Optionally, in less severe environments, carbon steel may be chosen for the housing and connection flanges, with coating of the interior of the housing with epoxy an additional option.

There are four models available. The Spool Piece Inline is the simplest and least expensive, but has the greatest flow restriction and the smallest trapped media capacity. The Split-body Full-bore Inline provides lower pressure losses and superior capacity. The T-body Full-bore model provides the benefits of the Split-body with easier screen element access, but does require more complex piping arrangements. The Y-body Full-bore Inline unit provides all the benefits of the T-body whilst keeping piping arrangements simple, but is also the most expensive.

Contact person:Miss Merry Zhang-haixing03.My email address:info03AThaixing-filter.com

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Company Detailed

HAIXING FILTER SCREEN COMPANY. Founded in 1986. Located in HENGSHUI Industrial District .Being with convenient traffic,developed communication, vast territory and a good space for development.We are professional and famous manufacturer and exporter of sand control products and accessories for water,oil,and environmental industries. The products mainly including continuous slot screen, pipe base screen, perforated tube, slotted pipe, sieve plate, water strainer, gas strainer,casing pipe, oil tube, collar, centralizer with any specifications and materials,and drill tools, etc. The another passel products include: paper machine fabrics , polyester spiral belt, ewateringfabrics,polyester screen printing mesh, Polyester monofilament dryer fabrics ,Polyester forming fabrics ,Spiral press filtratefabrics.etc,lenght:up to 150m,Width:5m(www.wrt-belt.com).

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