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Nissha DH350 Track Shoe with pin

Company Infomation
shandong value machinery manufacture co.,ltd
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Address :NO.1 Tianzheng Road,Laishan District,Yantai City
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Nissha DH350 Track Shoe with pin

  • Nissha DH350 Track Shoe with pin
    • Nissha DH350 Track Shoe with pin
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  • Model :Nissha DH350 Track Shoe
    Brand :Nissha DH350 Track Shoe
    Category :Construction & Real Estate > Construction Machinery Parts
    Keyword :Nissha DH350 Track Shoe
    Fob Price :U.S.$ 45 ~ 55
    Min. Order :1 Piece/Pieces
    Port :-
    Payment Terms :L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram
    Production Capacity :5000000 Piece/Pieces Month
    Delivery Time :in 3-10 days
    Packaging Details :Pallets
    Last Updated(GMT) :27 Mar, 2019

Product Detailed Description

DH350 Track Shoe

Note: Your drawings and requirement are welcomed here anytime.



1. Product Information                                                  


a). Technique: Casting

b). Material: 35SiMn, 28CrMnMo, ect.

c). Warranty: One Year/2000 hours

d). Accept OEM OR Drawing


2.Suitable Machinery                                                     


HITACHI KH70, KH100, KH100-1,KH100D,KH125, KH125-2, KH125-3, KH150, KH150-2, KH150-3, KH180, KH180-2, KH180-3, KH230, KH230-3, KH250HD, KH300, KH300-2, KH300-3, KH500-2, KH500-3, KH700-2,KH850,KH1000,U106A,TH55, CX300, CX350, CX500, CX550, CX650, CX700, CX900,CX1000,CX1100,CX1800,CX2000,PD7, PD100, etc.
SUMITOMO SC350, SC400, SC500, SC500-2, SC550-2, SC650, SC650-2, SC650DD-2, SC650-3, SC700, SC700-2, SC800, SC800HD,SC1000, SC1000-2, SC1500-2, LS78RH, LS78RM, LS78RH5, LS78RHD5, LS98, LS108RH5, LS100C, LS118RH3, LS118RH5, LS118RM, LS120RH5, LS138H, LS138RH5, LS208H, LS218H, LS218H5, LS238RH2, LS238RH3, LS238RH5, LS248RH5, LS458HD, LS468HD, LS518, LS528, LS528-S, SD205, SD307, SD407, SD510,SD610 etc.
KOBELCO P&H60P, P&H70P, P&H75P, P&H100P, P&H315, P&H320, P&H325, P&H330,P&H335, P&H335AS, P&H345, P&H440, P&H550A, P&H550-1, P&H550-2, P&H5035, P&H5045, P&H5055, P&H5100, P&H7035, P&H7045, P&H7050, P&H7055, P&H7065, P&H7070, P&H7080, P&H7090, P&H7100, P&H7120, P&H7150, P&H7200, P&H7250, P&H7250-2, FS80, FS90, BM500, BM600, BM650, BM700, BM700HD, BM750, BM800, BM800HD, BM900, BM900HD, BM1000HD,BM1200, CKS600, CKS2500, CKE600, CKE700, CKE800, CKE850, CKE900, CKE1000, CKE1100, CKE1350, CKE1800, CKE2500, CKE2500-2,CK850, CK1000, CK1000G, CK1600, CK2000-2, CK2500, SL4500, SL6000, TK350, TK750, TK550, etc.
IHI CH350, CH500, CCH250W, CCH280W, CCH350, CCH350-D3, CCH400, CCH500, CCH500-2, CCH500-3, CCH500-T, CCH550, CCH650, CCH700, CCH800, CCH800-2, CCH1000, CCH1000-5, CCH1200, CCH1500, CCH1500HDC, CH1500-2, CCH1500E, CCH2000, CCH2500, CCH2800, DCH650, DCH700, DCH800, DCH1000, DCH1200, DCH6020,DCH15030,DCH2000, K300, K400A, K400B, K1000, etc.
NIPPON SHARYO DH300, DH308, DH350, DH400, DH408, DH500, DH508, DH600, DH608, DH60-120M, DH650,DH800,DH900-5, DH900D, DH700, DHP70, DHP80, ED4000, ED5500, etc.
SANY SCC500B, SCC500C, SCC500D, SCC500E, SCC550C, SCC600C, SCC750C, SCC800C, SCC1000D, SCC1250, SCC1500CC, SCC1500D, SCC1800, SCC2600A, SCC3000WE, SCC4000E, SCC5000WE, SCC6500E, SCC7500, SCC8100, SCC8200, SCC8300, SCC10000, SCC16000, etc.
FUWA CC40,QUY35, QUY50, QUY50A, QUY50C, QUY50D,QUY50S, QUY70,QUY70A, QUY80, QUY80A, QUY80B,QUY90, QUY100, QUY100A, QUY120, QUY130, QUY130A, QUY150, QUY150A, QUY150C, QUY250, QUY320,QUY400, QUY400A,QUY500,QUY650,QUY750,QUY1250,FZX36, FC80B etc.
XCMG QUY50,QUY55N,QUY75,QUY80,QUY85,QUY100,QUY150,QUY250,QUY280,QUY350, QUY400,QUY450, QUY650,QUY700, XGC25T,XCG55T,XGC75, XGC85,MQH37A, XGC100,XGC130,XGC150,XGC180,XGC260, XGC300, XGC400, XGC500, XGC55, XGC650,XGC800,XGC15000 XGC16000, XGC28000, XGC88000, etc.
Manitowoc 2900wc,3900,4100,10000,777S2,888,16000 BRS,3000,888 II, etc
Ruston Bucyrus RB22, RB30, RB38, RB40, RB60,RB61, RB135, 65D, 71B, CH70, CH65, 88B, etc.
TEREX DEMAG CC400, CC1500, CC1800, CC2000,CC2200,CC2400-1, CC2500, CC2500-1, CC2800,TCC40, TCC 45, TCC60 etc
LINK-BELT LS108BS, LS108B, LS108BJ, LS118, LS138H, LS138HII, LS218, LS248, LS318, LS338, LS418, LS518, etc.
Terex/American HC50, HC60, HC80, HC110, HC165,HC230, HC275, HC285, etc.
AMERICAN American 9299, American 9310, American 900 Serial, 7250,7260, 9270, 4250, 4260,5220,5299,5300, 599C, 597C, 595C, etc.
LIMA 700HC, etc.
LIEBHERR   LR1100, LR1550, LR1280, LR1300, LR1650,LR1750,HS852HD, HS853HD, HS855HD, HS871HD, HS872HD, HS873HD, HS875HD, HS882HD, HS883HD, HS885HD, etc.
HITACHI SUMITOMO SCX300, SCX300-C, SCX400, SCX500, SCX550E, SCX700, SCX700-2, SCX700HD, SCX800, SCX800-2, SCX800HD, SCX800HD-2, SCX900, SCX900-1, SCX900-2, SCX900HD, SCX900HD-1, SCX900HD-2, SCX1000, SCX1200, SCX1200-2, SCX1200HD,SCX1200HD-2, SCX1500, SCX1500-2, SCX2000, SCX2000HD, SCX2500, SCX2500LF, SCX2600, SCX2800-2, SCX3500, SCX5000(CT10000), SCX6500(CT12000), 6000SLX, 6000SLX(SL-N), 6000SLX(SL-T), 218HSL, SDX207(Earth Drills),SDX5020,MX8030B,MH5510B,MX6515B,SP110(Pile drivers),SP135,PD135 etc
ZOOMLION QUY70, QUY200, QUY260, QUY650, ZCC550H, ZCC800H,ZCC1100H
NCK 95, 305, 406, 407, 605, 1000, 1405, 1405B, 1405C, 1405D, 1495C, 305B, 334B, 335T, 350B, 406D, 570T, 605 2B, 605-2A, 605-2B, Rapier, 605-2C, 60HT, 70D, 70DWT, 80D, Ajax, Andes, Atlas C54B, C110, C110 Eiger, C120, C120 Eiger, C34B, C34B Pennine, C40, C40 Pennine, C40/2A Pennine, C41B, C41B ANDES, C41C, Andes, C50, C50 Europa, N.C.K. C54 Atlas, C54B, C60, C75 Ajax, CB54, EIGER C120, H17, H17 Rapier, H5, H7, H7 Rapier, HC170, HC170 Olympus, HC250-HL330, HC65, HC75, HC80, HF17, HFC80, HK30, HS14, HY17, NCK RAPIER


3. Other Undercarriage Parts                                                                 


4. Contact Us                                                                                            







5. About Us                                                                                               

1. Professional Engineers----"Give Us Size, Give You products". Engineers here with rich experience. Our engineers have dealed with this line for more than 15 years.

2. Sale & Service Team-----24 Hours Online, Best service here for you anytime. Any question, please free contact us.

3. Factory & Warehouse----Focus On Quality Assurance.Keep The Enough Stock.

4. Shipping---Most of our prouducts have in stock, we can ship out your order in the shortest time.

5. About the Quality---- We can offer the material report and test report. If the product was broken in quality guarantee period, we can ship new one to you.

Product Photo

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Company Detailed

Shandong Value Machinery Manufacture Co.,LTD specializes in the production of Undercarriage parts for Crawler Crane, Excavator, Bulldozer, Like, Track Shoe, Track Link, Track Roller, Top Roller, Idler, Sprocket ,etc.
Guaranteeing stable and timely supply, credible quality and sincere service, our products sell well in both domestic and overseas markets.
          Over the past few years of production and management and exploration, we set up a professional engineers team for product design and making, and sell and service team. Thanks to all this, Value Machinery Manufacture Co.,LTD has grown rapidly and become stronger and stronger.
If you are interested in any of our products, or wish to place a customized order, please contact us. We will do our best to meet your needs.

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