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NABCD Intelligent electrical parameters measuring tester

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Contact :Allen Cici (Marketing Assiistant , Ms.)
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Country/Region :HuBei - China (Mainland)
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NABCD Intelligent electrical parameters measuring tester

Product Detailed Description

NABCD Intelligent electrical parameters measuring tester

Also called name

Transformer empty load characteristic tester, electrical parameter measuring instrument, intelligent no-load load characteristic tester, intelligent transformer load characteristic test, intelligent transformer characteristic tester, transformer no-load tester

NABCD Intelligent Tester of Electric Parameter

This tester can measure the no-load of the transformer, and the active current (voltage) value, power factors of the short-circuit experiment at the same time with computer controlling, digital display, synchronous samples in avoid of many traditional shortages.

Main features

1. Converting automatically without connecting CT/PT outside

2. Short-circuit losses: the value of the resistance voltage converts to the one of the 75situation

3. Be made up to comprehensive consoles for transformers with direct resistance instrument and voltage controller

Voltage : 0600V(circuit voltage)



Working power resourceAC220V ; 50HZ


NATS All automatic microcomputer control transformer multi-functional comprehensive performance test bench

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Company Detailed

Manufacture equipment include:
-- SF6 circuit breaker and GIS; 
-- Oil-Immersed (No Pd) Test Transformer
-- Automatic Insulating Oil Dielectric Tester
-- Partical Discharge/High Voltage Withstand Device
-- 5kA-500kA Impulse Current Generator
-- 10-7200kV Impulse Voltage Generator;
-- Microcomputer Relay Protection Tester;
-- CT, PT, CVT;
-- Voltage Divider/High Voltage Measuring Device/Six Phases Tester;
-- Measurement Product/Secondary Circuit Tester;
-- Cable/Circuit/Lightning Arrester Test Device;
-- Earthing/Insulation/SF6 Gas Detection;
-- Transformer Inspection/Switch Testing Device;
For now, we have finish several big abroad bidding of turn-key project on above field.

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