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Industrial Hot Air/Water Heater Gas Oil Coal Fired Air Conditioner Water Heater

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Hebei Weizhengheng Animal Husbandry Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd
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Industrial Hot Air/Water Heater Gas Oil Coal Fired Air Conditioner Water Heater

Product Detailed Description


                         Poultry Heating Equipment


GL new style automatic coal burning stove:

This series of stove is researched and designed by China Agricultural University with our company.

They are new machines with features like high efficiency ,heating up quickly, clean hot air, automatic or hand operated temperature control, easy to install, operate and maintain etc.

They are widely used in poultry houses, greenhouses,high efficiency agriculture demonstration gardens etc for their heating.

They are also widely used in electrical and chemical industry and food etc for their drying.

They are reasonable equipments to be matched with 9FJ series of ventilation fans.

Automatic gas/oil stove / heatert specification
  calorific value heated area Temperature Diesel Liquid gas Natural gas Power Power Outsize ( mm )
Kcd/h KW °C Kg/h Nm³/h Nm³/h KW V L W H
WZD-5 5*104 60 350 60-100 5 2.27 5.58 0.55/1.5 380/220 1310 940 1425
WZD-10 10*104 120 700 60-100 10 4.54 11.7 0.85/2.2 380/220 1574 1280 1520
WZD-15 15*104 175 1000 60-100 15 6.4 16.3 1.1/3 380/220 1760 1300 1550
WZD-20 20*104 230 1300 60-100 20 9.1 23.4 1.76/5.5 380/220 1860 1340 1580

Technical Parameter:

1. The products are widely used for heating in farm green house, horticulture flowers and plants planting, animal husbandry houses, mid and mini enterprises workshop, assembly hall, conference room, cinema, and for drying and removing moisture in paper-making, pharmaceutical, grains, tea, silk mining, underground construction industries.

2. Adopt the special three-backward stock; the dust can be removed automatically in the heat exchanger.

3. Auto-alarm functions and automatic protection device. Ventilator and fan can start and stop automatically.

4. Automatically control wind input and output, automatically control the temperature.

5.There are two temperature control systems: computer-controlled and digit-controlled.

6. Special designing of heat preservation to ensure the lowest heat loss.

7. The firebox had been specially designed with much longer service life ,applied to various kinds of coal, heat efficiency amount to 90%.

8. This machine unifies burning and heat transfer together, special indirect heating technology, smoke and air walk their owned way , no pollution.

9. Heat efficiency amounts to 80%-90% ,warming up fast, small volume, easy setting,high Reliability, low price.

Coal fired poultry house air heater furnace
Thchnical model HYMR-5 HYMR-10 HYMR-20 HYMR-30 HYMR-40
Heat outpot (cal/h) 50000 100000 200000 300000 400000
Hot air temperature(℃) 80-150 80-150 80-150 80-150 80-150
Heating walume (m³/h) 9500 18700 37400 39400 42500
Consume of fuel (kg/h) 5-10 10-20 30-40 40-50 50-60
Power (kw) 1.87 3.55 5.15 6.75 9.1
Outer Size (mm) 1250*800*1850 2030*950*2040 2450*1250*2280 2720*1250*2600 2920*1300*2600
Weight  (kg) 750 1150 1700 2400 2600
Heating area  (m²) 300 600 1200 1800 2400


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Company Detailed

HEBEI WEIZHENGHENG ANIMAL HUSBANDRY MACHINERY EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD(WZHGROUP)Founded in 2007, it is a production-oriented enterprise integrating the design, production, sales, installation guidance, technical services and export trade of livestock and poultry farming plant. The company provides first-class aquaculture plant design and aquaculture equipment installation and perfect services, the implementation of one-stop service, to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the global aquaculture industry
We have professional technology and R&D team, keep abreast of global development trends, and drive product upgrading and upgrading with technological progress. The company's products include design and production of poultry and poultry factory buildings, environmental control system, automatic feeding system, automatic drinking water system, automatic heating system, spray system, and remote monitoring system. The company can provide advanced international level of automation equipment for broiler flat farming, rich product lines can meet different needs, and can provide customized product services. Products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. To provide high-quality equipment and high-quality aquaculture services for all countries in the world, truly achieve one-stop service, unique in the same industry.
WZH Group will base itself on domestic and global perspective and strive to build an industry-influential animal husbandry equipment enterprise, become an excellent supplier of global animal husbandry equipment, and share win-win with stakeholders.

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