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NANAO ELECTRIC NAZKD Vacuum Interrupter Test Set

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NANAO ELECTRIC NAZKD Vacuum Interrupter Test Set

Product Detailed Description

NAZKD Vacuum Interrupter Test Set

Product introduction

With the non-oil pressure switch rise of the tide, with its unique advantages vacuum switch has been widely promoted and applied. Traditional detection method is "pressure method", that is breaking the vacuum switch is in a state in which static and dynamic touch certain voltage is applied between the head, the size of the leakage current detected, the quality of vacuum inferred. Advantages of this method are: simple operation; drawback: only qualitatively detect the quality of vacuum tube; and the degree of vacuum 10-4 ~ 10-1Pa can not accurately distinguish between, it is impossible to determine the leakage trends.

NAZKD vacuum switch vacuum tester, the previous generation of products based on the upgrading of the product. The product is compact, light and compact models, shorter test time, measurement reliability, stability, higher accuracy, function more perfect.

Also called name

vacuum degree tester, HV switch vacuum switch tester

The Characteristics of the products

1. can make quantitative measurement for vacuum degree of all models vacuum switch arc-chutes .

2. Need not disassemble the vacuum switch during the field test.

3. High precision.

4. With LCD, easy to operate.

5. Can save, print and review the test results.

6. The device with RS232 communication interface, connect with the PC can download the vacuum degree-ion current curve, can estimate the life.

7. Light in weight, easy to carry

The parameters of the products

1. Power supply: AC220V+15%, 50Hz

2. Measurement range: 10-410-1 Pa

3. Electric field voltage: 20KV

4. Magnetic field voltage: 1600V

5. Accuracy: 5%

6. Temperature: -10~40

7. Dimension: 460mmx335mmx330mm

8. Weight: 12kg


NADQ Series Automatic Capacitance Bridge / Inductance / Current Tester 

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Company Detailed

Manufacture equipment include:
-- SF6 circuit breaker and GIS; 
-- Oil-Immersed (No Pd) Test Transformer
-- Automatic Insulating Oil Dielectric Tester
-- Partical Discharge/High Voltage Withstand Device
-- 5kA-500kA Impulse Current Generator
-- 10-7200kV Impulse Voltage Generator;
-- Microcomputer Relay Protection Tester;
-- CT, PT, CVT;
-- Voltage Divider/High Voltage Measuring Device/Six Phases Tester;
-- Measurement Product/Secondary Circuit Tester;
-- Cable/Circuit/Lightning Arrester Test Device;
-- Earthing/Insulation/SF6 Gas Detection;
-- Transformer Inspection/Switch Testing Device;
For now, we have finish several big abroad bidding of turn-key project on above field.

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