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Cnc Prototype Machining Services,Sheet Metals Department ,3D printing Propotyping Service

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Dongguan Zhuanxin Precision Hardware Co.,LTD
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Contact :Scarlett (sales maanger , Mr.)
Tel Phone :86-769-81553687
Mobile :86 136-5018-1780
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Country/Region :GuangDong - China (Mainland)
Address :Gangsha Road, Shagang, Changan Town Dongguan City
Zip/Postal code :523873
Website :http://zxcncmachining.global-trade-ce

Cnc Prototype Machining Services,Sheet Metals Department ,3D printing Propotyping Service

Product Detailed Description

Metal Prototyping Services

Cnc Prototype Machining Services,Sheet Metals Department ,3D printing Propotyping Service

At ZhuanXin Precision, we not only provide customized services for low volume production of products,Considering the innovative industrial design, but also provide rapid prototype processing services. If you have new projects under development, we can provide material selection references, machining processes and surface treatments. And other suggestions, Make your design more practical, realizing your creativity economically and quickly, our online customer service will response you within 2 hours ; if you have designed it, we can provide free quote for your rapid prototype.

With the development of the industrial design industry, the metal rapid prototype has become the preferred choice for the majority of designers. The metal rapid prototype consists of raw materials mainly aluminum alloy, stainless steel, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, zinc alloy, copper and other materials, through the CNC Machining Processed, combined with anodizing, electroplating, power costing, polishing and other surface treatments, the metal rapid prototype more toward the high-quality industrial products with high quality requirements, good performance and beautiful appearance. For more information on the processing of metal materials and the surface treatment of the rapid prototype,


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Company Detailed

ZhuanXin Precision Chinese transliteration is, it means to keep promise, founded by Mr.Kelvin Yang, Since 2005, he has been training students with CAM/CAD and other engineering software. He hopes to provide talent output for China's CNC engineering technology. Considering the combination of theory and practice, Mr. Yang began to introduce CNC processing equipment and machining equipment in 2006. Students have more room for development in CNC engineering technology, and provide rapid prototype and CNC custom parts processing services for designers and engineers.Our professional technology and service, as well as the cost advantage of the Chinese market, we have helped many engineers and designers to quickly produce from low-volume creative---rapid prototype, which makes many customers take the lead in opening up the market and getting many customers. Affirmation, as the market demand is getting bigger and bigger, ZhuanXin Precision has added advanced quality testing equipment and passed ISO9001:2015 quality certification in order to further provide customers high quality products.

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