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Erythromycin extraction macroporous resin

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Erythromycin extraction macroporous resin

  • Erythromycin extraction macroporous resin
    • Erythromycin extraction macroporous resin
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Erythromycin extraction macroporous resin

The clinical application of erythromycin has been widening in recent years, and the demand for erythromycin raw materials has surged in the market. Therefore, separation and extraction of erythromycin from fermentation broth requires excellent separation materials. The separation and extraction of erythromycin by macroporous resin has the advantages of simple operation and low process cost.
The erythromycin extraction macroporous resin provided by Suzhou Bojie Resin Technology Co., Ltd. has the characteristics of fast adsorption speed, high mechanical strength and strong anti-pollution ability, and is an ideal choice for extracting erythromycin.
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We are specialized in production, research, development and trade company of Ion                                       
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