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Motorsport racing engine High performance hose,AN racing HOSE

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SEMI CONDUITS CO., LTD. Liquid tight conduit Factory
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Contact :semi (sales , Mr.)
Tel Phone :86-21-64867229
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Country/Region :ShangHai - China (Mainland)
Zip/Postal code :2016200
Website :http://semiconduits.global-trade-cent

Motorsport racing engine High performance hose,AN racing HOSE

Product Detailed Description

Motorsport racing engine High performance hose,AN racing HOSE
motorsport high performance Braided racing Hose,High Performance Fuel and Oil braided Hose
AN-6 to AN-12 high performance racing hose,stainless steel braided performance hose
High performance stainless steel braided racing hose,racing engine hose,AN sizes HOSE
Double Stainless Steel braided RACING HOSE,engine hose
Premium Quality race Car Braided Hose,AN SIZES braided hose,Marine engine performance hose
High Performance Braided Hose For Marine Engines,boat racing hose

Stainless Steel Braided Racing high Performance Hose AN HOSE

DELIKON Racing Hose offers unsurpassed levels of performance and reliability for your tough performance applications. The Acrylnitrile butadiene rubber (NBR rubber) inner tube offers unsurpassed fluid compatibility. Full vacuum rating for sizes -10, -12 and -16. Applications include fuel, lube, coolant and air.

High Performance braided hose for motorsport racing cars,boats marine engines hose

Stainless steel braided hose for superior performance racing
Delikon Racing hose is compatible with petroleum and synthetic lubricants, hydrocarbon fuels and liquid engine coolants. It operates at higher temperature for longer periods. Light and flexible, it is easy to work with, and its stainless steel cover will ensure long-lasting durability

Stainless Steel Braided Racing car Hose

Engine Fuel racing Hose,AN HOSE,stainless steel braided hose for race car
High performance automotive stainless steel braided hose

Stainless Steel wire Braided  Hose
(AN hose & fittings)

Race cars are routinely equipped with braided hose to protect against leakage caused by abrasion and collision. NHRA rules allow no more than 12 inches of exposed rubber hose over the entire length of the fuel system. NASCAR wont allow any exposed rubber hose at all. The only acceptable alternative, then, is braided hose. Delikons high performance automotive stainless steel braided hose is here to meet your requirements! 

OEM Orders welcome!

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Company Detailed

We manufacture and export an extensive range of metallic and non-metallic electrical flexible conduits and fittings for a variety of installations requiring motion, vibration and bending.  They offer good mechanical and moisture protection to enclosed conductors.

Products & Services:
  *Metal Wire over-braided Flexible Conduit   
    (EMI shielding. EXplosion proof! Suitable for use in industrial Location)
  *Liquid-tight Flexible Conduit and Fittings
  *Flexible Metallic Conduit (FMC) (Square-locked, interlocked)
  *Flexible Non-metallic Conduit
  *Flexible Conduit Connectors & Fittings
  *PTFE (PTFE) Flexible Hose, With Metal Wire Over-braiding
  *Corrugated Stainless Steel Hose
  *EMT Conduit Fittings
  *OEM, Manufacturing as per customers samples & specifications

Applications: - For electrical wiring protections & managements where flexibility is necessary for installation, maintenance or where vibration and movement must be absorbed. Our electrical products are used in construction, industrial facilities, wire harnesses, machine tools, instrumentation and telecom equipments.

Flexible Hose For Automobiles (AN hose, hose end, engine hose, fuel rubber hose), OEM Products, Flexible hose, tubing, ducting and fittings for exhaust, fluid & gas handling and other applications are also available. Please write to us for more details.)

Main Customers:
OEMs, electrical contractors, machineries manufacturers, ships & trains builders, automobiles manufacturers, electrical wholesale distributors, and importers. We also sell our products to manufacturers of wire harnesses, wire assemblies, and producer of electrical appliances.

OEM Service:
Manufacturing as per customers samples & specifications. Send us your requirements and we will come up with a solution for you.

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