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High Quality Oil Filter Element Oil Filter Accessary _ Detailed :

                                              High Quality Oil Filter


       Removing impurities,

       Removing mass water –water content30%(Made up by special fibre)


Two filter elements:

Coalescer filter element—mainly congregate the water molecule to make it to a liquid water

Separator Filter element—separate the liquid water from the oil. Liquid water will be expelled.



1. Insulating Oil Purification Series:


Transformer oil Purifier,


Switch Oil Purification,


Mutual Inductor Oil Filtration,


Ultra-Voltage Oil Purification,


Oil Dielectric Strength Test


Vacuum Pumping Machine


Oil Filling Machine




2. Lube Oil Filtration Series:


Turbine Oil Filtration,


Hydraulic Oil Purifier,


Gear Oil Purification,


Fuel Oil Filtration,


Light Oil Purifier,


Diesel Oil Filtration,


Lubricating Oil Recycling Plant,


Oil Treatment,


Oil Recycling Machine,


Oil Regeneration